Male Bare Feet 1 April 2014 0 Comments

Foot loving dude pretends to be sleeping with with his perfect male feet hanging over the edge of the bed. He slips his dirty white socks off using only his toes and lets his smooth bare soles and plump little toes hang out.

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Male Bare Feet 6 February 2014 0 Comments

Light sleeper points the camera at his soles and captures a time-lapse as he tosses and turns until the morning light wakes him up. His beautiful male feet peek out of his blankets throughout the night!

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Male Bare Feet 9 December 2012 0 Comments

Foot loving dude records his buddy’s beautiful smooth bare soles while he’s “sleeping”. The camera comes in for some amazing close-ups of those soles and toes as his buddy tosses and turns in his blissful “slumber”.

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Male Bare Feet 17 November 2011 0 Comments

Horny guy sees his sleeping roommate’s beautiful bare soles and long toes sticking out of the blanket so he grabs his camera and hits record. He gets as close as he can to his buddy’s perfect bare feet without waking him up!

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