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justin bieber feet boston

Justin Bieber feet on display during the Purpose Tour in Boston. He sits down to sing his hit song to people next to the stage and his filthy bare soles are clearly on display. It’s amazing to have such a long look at his masculine and strong feet with their square heels and perfect little toes. Hit the jump to watch the video!

Justin Bieber’s Dirty Bare Feet In Boston

Oh where to start with this one?

Even if you’re not a fan of his music, you have to admit that Justin Bieber grew up to be a handsome little fuck! There’s a few pics of his bare feet floating around but I’ve never seen a shot quite as clear as this performance of “Purpose” in Boston.

He sits down to serenade his fans next to the stage and his bare soles are clearly visible. He must have been performing barefoot for a little bit because his feet super dirty from the stage. You can clearly make out his foot prints and cute little toe prints.

On your knees, fellas. This one’s gonna take a while to clean up!

Original video can be seen here.

GFB Vidcap Gallery

Once More With Feeling

Here’s another angle of the same performance. This one doesn’t show Justin’s bare soles But you get some really nice clear views of his tops and toes. Enjoy!

Original video can be seen here.

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What’s your take on Justin Bieber feet on display in Boston? Are dirty feet a turn on for you? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the converstation going!

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