Kraig Adams Feet – Solo Hiking 40 Miles In Los Nevados Colombia

kraig adams feet hiking

Kraig Adams feet on display when he takes a tip in a hot spring on a recent hiking trip to Los Nevados Colombia. I’ve seen a few shots of this nerdtastic YouTuber’s feet but this is the first time he’s given us a nice long shot of his bare soles! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Kraig Adams Feet In Los Nevados Colombia

Kraig Adams produces silent cinematic hiking videos for his YouTube channel that are breathtaking to say the least. He takes us along on solo hiking trips where there’s nothing but him and the beautiful landscape. Gorgeous stuff.

I’ve seen Kraig’s feet a few times when he stops to wash his feet or takes off his shoes to cross a stream. But this is the first time I’ve seen a nice shot of his bare soles. And it was worth the wait.

His feet are big and a little bit flat so you know they’re extra smelly after a long day in hiking boots. I don’t think his lack of foot shots means he’s foot shy in any way. It’s just not something that comes up that often on a hiking trip.

Kraig is a super nerdy straight twink who considers himself a minimalist. Few posessions to weigh him down in life and perfectly able to move out at a moments notice. He’s an amazing filmmaker and seems like an all around cool guy. Definitely check out his channel if you’re into nerdy guys with big floppy feet!

Original video here.

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