Best Buds Show Off Their Slightly Dirty Bare Feet

buddies air out their slightly dirty bare feet

Best buds take a break from their walk and show off their slightly dirty bare feet. They kick off their shoes and air out their sweaty socks before letting their dirty soles bask in the afternoon sun. Delicious! Hit the jump to watch the video!

The Best Feet Are Slightly Dirty Bare Feet

Mark and Ted have been going on afternoon walks since lockdown began. The two meet up every day around 2 pm and grab a coffee on their way around the neighborhood. It was pretty hot out so they decided to make a pit stop and sit in the shade for a minute.

Mark was the first one to take off his shoes and Ted was right behind him. It was Ted who noticed that both of their socks were filthy but Mark didn’t think they looked that bad. “I guess they’re a little dirty, but I always walk around without shoes at home so they’re gonna pick up some dust I guess.”

Ted looked at him like he was crazy. “Don’t you clean your floors?”

“Ya, but feet get dirty. Look!” He said, whipping off his socks.

His slightly dirty bare feet had the lightest coating of dirt on the soles. Just enough so you could see his footprints on the bottoms of his feet.

Ted wondered if his feet were any better so he peeled his socks off too. They were a little dirty but not as bad as Mark’s.

Ted looked right at Mark’s feet and said, “You need to clean your floors, man. That’s disgusting.”

“Or do you just need to clean my feet?” Mark said. Looking Ted right in the eye.

“Fuck that!” Said Ted.

But his mind was racing…

Original video here.

What’s your take on these buds showing off their dirty feet? You like your feet a little dirty? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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