Lucas Girondi Feet In The Kitchen

lucas girondi feet in the kitchen

Legendary YouTuber Lucas Girondi props his beautiful bare feet up on the kitchen table while he smokes a cigarette. This is one of his earlier videos and he’s a little unsure about showing his feet. But he does it anyway! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Lucas Girondi Bares His Feet While Smoking

Lucas Girondi made a name for himself by posting videos of him smoking with his bare feet on display. He’s cute and straight and has beautiful bare feet. Needless to say, he became somewhat of a hero for us foot guys!

This is one of his earlier videos where he was just experimenting with showing off his feet on his channel. He expresses some misgivings:

Hey, what’s up YouTube?
I’m just gonna do… Just a video.
A video of my feet or whatever.
Just to get this over with. You know?
I’m not really that comfortable showing my feet.
I don’t… I don’t know… It’s just weird. But…
I’ll just do it to get this over with.
So… Ya.
I’ll just take a whole video of showing my feet.
And me smoking.

Lucas’ feet are really quite beautiful. He has smooth soles and an extra large big toe that bends slightly at the knuckle. His footprints are just a touch darker than his pale insteps so you can clearly see the imprint of his foot. His feet look to be just the slightest bit flat so you know they get nice and smelly.

He seems to have a sneaking suspician that guys are getting off on his feet but that doesn’t stop him from baring his soles.

Love that awkward quirky personality. It’s a real shame this guy stopped posting!

Original video here.

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