FootWoody Arnaud Laurent – French Canadian Soles

footwoody arnaud laurent - french canadian feet

Arnaud is hard to resist with his handsome face and perfect six pack abs. But one look at this French Canadian twink’s bright orange soles and pale white insteps and you’ll be on your knees begging to serve him! Hit the jump for pics and video!

Bright Orange French Canadian Soles

I have to admit I”ve got a bit of a thing for soles. I’m a sole man, if you will. And Arnaud’s bright orange footprints, pale white insteps and cute little toes are a work of art. These French Canadian soles need to be worshipped immediately!

Arnaud peels off his dirty white socks and lets the camera drink in the natural beauty of his perfect bare male feet. Taking his time as he shows off his beautiful bare soles and cute little toes. He strips naked and grabs his rock hard cock as he crams two fingers up inside his ass. Slowly fucking himself as his toes flex and contort in response to the overwhelming sensation of anal penetration. Stretching his ass wide open then blasting a huge load of cum that hits him square in the eye! He cleans himself up then stretches out on the chair with his feet up for everyone one to see one last time. Fucking beautiful!

GFB Vidcap Gallery

What’s your take on Arnaud Laurent’s beautiful bare feet? You love seeing French Canadian guys show off their soles? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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