Xander Beckett Mega Mix

xander beckett mega mix

Xander Beckett mega mix featuring some fan favorites showing off their bare feet! We’ve got everything from beach bums and surfers to skaters and jocks and everything in between. Hit the jump to watch this incredible tribute video!

Xander Beckett Compilation Has All Your Faves

Xander Beckett was one of the true heroes of the online foot fetish community. His amazing videos featured the hottest guys ignoring the camera while exposing their beautiful bare feet in public. He captured the magic of perving on a strangers feet without getting caught and every video seemed genuine and honest.

Unfortunately a lot of his content has disappeared from his website but there’s still a few videos floating around. This fan made mega mix is a great example of what how amazing Xander was at his craft. The guys are hot as fuck and ther’es plenty of beautiful bare feet to go around!

Hopefully we see more from this legendary foot fetish shooter soon! I miss seeing these guys!

Original video here.

What’s your take on the XB mega mix? You love the way Xander portrayed feet in his videos? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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