Socks And Soles And Shag

socks and soles and shag carpet

Totally hot dude grabs a seat on the shag carpet and shows off his bright red socks and soles. He gives you a good long look at those socks before peeling them off to reveal his smooth bare soles and perfect toes. Totally hot! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Socks And Soles And Rock And Roll

Shirtless dude parks his ass on the shag carpet in the living room and shows off his socks and soles. He takes his time and lets you examine the shape of his feet inside those sweaty socks before peeling them off. And his soles? His soles are damn near perfect!

They’re big and masculine and beautifully shaped with meaty footprints. Nice wide soles with blocky sqaure heels. And there’s no calluses or dry skin here. Just a beautiful pair of perfect bare feet!

And those toes! Graceful long toes with a slight gap between his first and second toes. The perfect spot to nuzzle your nose while you’re sniffing his godly scent.

Me first!!

Original video here!

What’s your take on this stud’s feet? You wanna sniff those socks and worship his godly feet? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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