Boys Halfway House Feet – Gabe’s Dirty Soles

gabe parillo feet - boys halfway house resident

Boys Halfway House feet on display when Gabe is late with his rent and has to pay with his ass! The house is a safe place for down and out guys as long as they follow the rules. But nobody follows the rules! Hit the jump for pics and video!

Boys Halfway House Feet – Destroyed Hole Plastered In Cum

Gabe was doing really well when he arrived at the House but he lost his job and was late with his rent payments. After the third week of this, it was time he learned his lesson the hard way. LITERALLY!

Boys Halfway House features guys who are down on their luck and forced to stay in an ersatz boarding house. Everything will fine as long as they follow the rules. But of course, nobody follows the rules! The offending party is forced strip down and get fucked bareback by the staff. Which is fine by me!

This isn’t a foot fetish site per se. But there’s A LOT OF FEET in these videos! It’s kind of hot to catch a glimpse of a hot guy’s feet as he’s enduring the trials of living in the house. The do this one angle on the bed (see above video) where you can see the guy’s dirty soles while he’s getting fucked. Love that!

If you’re looking for something a little different then Boys Halfway House is definitely worth a look!

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Bare Feet In Gay Porn

I love seeing a guy’s feet when he’s fucking! Don’t get me wrong – foot fetish scenes are great. But seeing a guy’s bare feet while he’s have sex turns me on just as much! Especially when the guy has no idea that’s the thing that does it!

I’m always looking for bare feet in gay porn and when I find them… I’l post them here!

What’s your take on Gabe’s Boys Halfway House feet? Do you get off on seeing feet in regular porn? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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