Young Foot Master Gives You His Sole

young foot master dirty sole

Beautiful young foot master demands you worship his dirty sole. This guy is cute as fuck and his feet are slightly dirty from walking around barefoot all afternoon. But you’re not going to let a little dirt stop you from loving those feet! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Young Foot Master Demands Worship

The instructions from your young foot master are short and sweet. You will give in to his demands and lick his slightly dirty bare sole. You’ll do it and you’ll like it. Because you live to serve him!

Go ahead.
Come on!
Lick it.
I’ve been having a busy day.
You know you want it…

He moves his foot up and down so the camera can see every inch of his masculine soles. Capturing the light coating of dirty and sweat that coat his beautiful bare soles. Starting at the strong heel and moving all the way up to his plump little toes.

Every inch a man.

And every inch your master!

Original video here.

What’s your take on being told to lick this guy’s dirty foot? Are you already on your knees? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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