Cockyboys Feet – Avery Jones And Zach Astor In A New Day

cockyboys feet - avery jones and zach astor

Avery Jones And Zach Astor enjoy a day at the beach before giving into their horny desires. They trade blowjobs in the camper van then head back to the room for some serious fucking. Gorgeous feet on both of these guys! Hit the jump for video and pics!

Cockyboys Feet – Young Love And Plenty Of Fucking

Cockyboys feet on display as two of their hottest young guys discover their passion for each other after a day at the beach. There’s no foot worship or anyone obviously holding up their feet trying to pander to the gay foot fetish audience. Just two beautiful young man with plenty of shots that include their beautiful feet!

The two reconnect while enjoying a day at the beach then swap blowjobs in their VW camper van before falling asleep while still parked at the beach. They wake up the next day and the attraction is still raging so they head back to the hotel room for some serious fucking.

Holy fuck, this is an amazing scene!

Most of the foot shots are of the blonde beach bum Zach Astor and his big soft soles are a perfect match for his huge rock hard dick. Avery Jones (probably the sexiest of all the CockyBoys feet) gets a couple of shots but this scene mostly features Zach’s soles and toes.

I’m fine with that!

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Bare Feet In Gay Porn

I love seeing a guy’s feet when he’s fucking! Don’t get me wrong – foot fetish scenes are great. But seeing a guy’s bare feet while he’s have sex turns me on just as much! Especially when the guy has no idea that’s the thing that does it!

I’m always looking for bare feet in gay porn and when I find them… I’l post them here!

What’s your take on Avery and Zach fucking? Do you love seeing bare feet in non foot fetish porn as much as me? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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