3 Verbal Feet Masters Take Control

3 verbal feet masters

3 verbal feet masters prop their masculine bare feet up on the sofa and lay down the law. I don’t know what I did to make them so mad but I can’t stop looking at their perfect straight soles. Hope they don’t mind! Hit the jump to watch the video!

6 Soles And 3 Verbal Feet Masters

Bobby was the quiet one who sat in the back. Josh was the playboy and Dave was the wise-cracking quarterback who never apologized for anything. Each of them had a place in your fantasies.

And then you found their website.

Fuck it. This was too good to be true so you whipped out your credit card and within seconds you had access to the full video of three of the hottest guys you’ve ever seen taking complete control.

You settle in and begin to stroke. Listening to their words…

“Fucking faggots. Worship your fucking gods. Your fucking alpha kings.” That was Josh.

“Sniff these fucking soles you fucking faggot.” Dave.

“Lick! Lick you fucking pussy bitches.” And that was Bobby. Sweet shy Bobby.

You pull down your pants and give yourself a stroke as the wave of pleasure passes from your brain to your dick. . Memorizing every inch of their bare feet. Dreaming what it would be like to lick their soles in real life.

You make it last as long as possible. Rewind the video. Play it again. And again.

Your dick is so hard you think you’re going to bust any second. And then you feel your phone buzzing in your pants.

And then it buzzes again. 2 messages back to back. You let go of your dick and fish your phone out of your pocket.

The first message was from Josh. “WTF Did you just join my website?”

And another from Bobby. “Hey faggot.”


Original video here.

What’s your take on these verbal feet masters shoving their smelly bare soles in your face? What would you do if you were on your knees in front of them? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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