Lucky Slave Allowed To Lick Its Master’s Dirty Feet

lucky slave allowed to lick its master's dirty feet clean

Straight foot master walks barefoot in the parking garage then makes his slave lick his dirty feet. His feet are black with filth and his slave has to clean every inch with its tongue. That what slaves are for! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Lick His Dirty Feet Until They’re Spotless

Lucky slave sacrifices its tongue to lick its master’s filthy feet clean. Julius Above is the master and he knows exactly how to treat a foot slave!

He walks around in the parking garage and records the filth building up on his wide bare soles. Then heads inside and tells the slave to just look at his feet. It must admire the beauty before its allowed to lick any part of his feet. The slave loves this and says it wishes they were even more dirty!

Julius laughs as he allows the slave to clean his foot with its tongue. Checking every once in a while to make sure it’s doing a good job.

Once he’s satisfied his foot is clean enough the lucky slave is allowed to lick the other foot.

I’m into dirty feet as much as the next guy but this master’s soles are completely black with filth by the time he’s done walking around. That’s a dedicated foot slave! But it’s still pretty hot!

Original video here.

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