Daniel Thrasher Flashes His Bare Feet And Masculine Toes

daniel thrasher feet and toes

YouTube funnyman Daniel Thrasher gives us a peak at his beautiful bare feet and masculine toes during a commercial for headphones. I’m sure the headphones sound great and everything but I can’t stop looking at those delicious toes! Hit the jump for pics and video!

Daniel Thrasher’s Bare Tops And Toes

Okay, I admit it. I have a foot crush on Daniel Thrasher. There. I said it.

This YouTuber preforms funny little skits where he plays all the parts. Some of them are actually pretty funny but that’s not why I watch him. I tune into every video just in case he shows his beautiful feet!

In this episode Danial creates a skit for Raycon headphones and talks about how great they sound. Bla bla bla. Who cares?! The camera cuts to Daniel sitting on the couch with his legs crossed in front of him and we get a glorious shot of his foot tops and masculine toes.

He’s got a light coating of hair and the wide flat nail of his big toe is begging to be worshipped.

Me first!!

Original video here.

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What’s your take on Daniel’s bare feet and masculine toes? You into seeing tops or are you a sole man? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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