ChillAlpha Is This Week’s Twitter Crush

chill alpha is this week's twitter crush

One look at ChillAlpha with his cocky attitude and sweaty feet you’ll know why he’s this week’s Twitter Crush! This alpha prince is ready to take your money for the pleasure of serving him. Sign me up! Hit the jump to for pics and video!

ChillAlpha Tweets His Feets!

This 20 year old alpha prince knows he has beuatiful feet so he’s going to to make every foot slave pay to see them!

He props his socked feet up on the bed and describe how sweaty and smelly his feet get. Then he slides those sock off and flexes his toes while you check out his perfect bare soles. His feet are lovely with smooth pink soles and perfectly proportioned toes.

And if we’re going to believe this next video his feet are super sweaty and extra smelly too!

I’ve seen the full length version of this video and the guy pulling off his socks is gagging the whole time from the smell. ChillAlpha just giggles to himself as he lets his stinky feet work their magic!

If you like your guys young and cocky with extra smelly feet then you’ve found your prince with ChillAlpha.

Check Out ChillAlpha on Twitter!

More Pics of @ChillAlpha4201

What’s your take on @ChillAlpha4201 showing off his feet? Would you give anything to worship this guy? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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