Damn Cute Twink’s Smelly Sock Strip

smelly sock strip by a twink

Damn cute twink performs a hands free smelly sock strip using his talented toes. He peels the socks off his feet then gives them a quick sniff before sticking them in his mouth. Damn cute AND perverted! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Smelly Sock Strip With Just His Feet

This twink has perfect feet and lovely white socks. But your jaw will drop when you see him perform a hands-free smelly sock strip using just his feet! No kidding! Just his feet!

You can actually see the space between his perfect little toes through the thin fabric of his socks. It’s like having X-Ray vision! He hooks his big toe under the elastic band of his sock and peels it off using his foot. Stopping to show off his bare heel with the sock still attached to the rest of his foot. Gorgeous!

He finally gets both socks off and takes a quick sniff of his stinky socks before popping one in his mouth and tasting his own funk.

Nicely done, twink!

Original video here.

What’s your take on this twink’s perfect white sock strip? You like it when guys can take off their socks with their feet? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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