Peanut Butter Foot Lick

peanut butter foot lick

Aspiring YouTube star from the past calls his dog over for a peanut butter foot lick that proves just how ticklish he is. He smears peanut butter on his bare sole then calls his dog over who’s happy to lick that sticky mess clean for her human. Hit the jump to check it out!

Dogs Love To Peanut Butter Foot Lick

dog licks peanut butter off master's foot

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Remember the old days? When people would just film themselves doing ridiculous things for their YouTube channels? Ya… it was pretty much terrible all around but there’s a few gems hidden away in there. Take aspiring YouTube star Alex Mercado who was challenged himself to create a new video every day for a year. On day 214 he decided to let his dog Breeze have a peanut butter foot lick. And so we have this lovely little video!

Turns out Alex is super ticklish and can barely contain himself as Breeze licks his cute bare sole clean. He stops and looks and his freshly cleaned foot then shows the camera his perfectly clean sole.

Cute guy with a cute dog. And cute feet.

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Original video can be seen here.

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