Dirty Socks Master Allows Slave To Worship His Feet

dirty socks master dirtysocks009 foot worship

Legendary dirty socks master allows his lucky slave to sniff and worship his feet. But first the slave must stare at his soles with his sweaty sock in its mouth so it learns that service is its own reward. Totally hot! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Dirty Socks Master Foot Worship

Legendary dirty socks master Dirtysocks009 makes sure his slave knows it is property before allowing it to worship his perfect feet. This guy is an amazing master and really understands the power dynamic between a master and a slave. He doesn’t act mad or pissed off and you really get the sense that he’s into dominating hsi slaves. And that he gets off when they obey him.

The slave is forced to stare at its master’s feet with one of his filthy socks in its mouth. Dirtysocks009 lets the slave sniff his feet without touching them and teases the slave by pulling his feet away so the slave can never get to them. The poor slave is frustrated!

At last the slave is allowed to lick and worship every inch of those beautiful soles and toes.


Original video here.

What’s your take on this legendary master’s worship session? Would you give anything to be at this guy’s feet? Post your ideas in the comments below to keep the conversation going!

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