Slow Mo Guys Feet – Jumping On A Giant 6 Foot Water Balloon

slow mo guys feet giant 6 foot water balloon

Slow Mo Guys host Gavin and his brother George show off their feet when they jump on a giant water balloon. The super slow motion camera captures every frame of George’s cute soles as the balloon explodes in spectacular fashion! Hit the jump to for pics and video!

Slow Mo Guys Show Off Their Feet

YouTuber Gavin Free jumps on the balloon several times in his socks before inviting his brother George to have a go. George knows he’s going to get wet so he shows up in bare feet. And right away you know this is going to be good!

George’s cute soles and toes are front and center as the slow motion camera captures every frame of the balloon exploding. He hops up at the end for a nice shot of his tops and you can clearly see the shape of his feet. He has cute little toes and nice pronounced insteps. Add his quirky shy attitude and you’ve got one cute little brother!

Original video here.

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