Smelly Black Socks On The Desk

smelly black socks on the desk

Handsome dude props his feet up and shows off his smelly black sock for all the world to see. His socks are damp with sweat and you can see the outline of his foot as he flexes his toes and teases his viewers. Kind of wish they had smell-o-vision for times like this! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Check Out His Smelly Black Socks

This guy doesn’t need to say a word. You are under his control and can’t stop looking at his smelly black socks on the desk. You long for the opportunity to admire his masculine feet.

He chuckles to himself as he realizes how turned on people are by seeing his socked foot. But that doesn’t stop him. He just flexes and scrunches his toe as the waxy sole of his sock paints an outline of his beautiful foot beneath the surface.

No idea where this guy is from but I wouldn’t mind seeing more of him!

Original video can be seen here.

What’s your take on this stud showing off his socked feet without saying a word? Are you a sock lover? Or do you prefer bare feet any day? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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