Spying On Your Buddy’s Slightly Dirty White Socks

slightly dirty white socks

Your buddy comes by after class for some video game action and props his slightly dirty white socks up on the table. He’s totally into the game so he doesn’t notice you staring at his wide soles from across the room! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Video Games And Slightly Dirty White Socks

You met Dylan during your first year at college and you hit it off right away. And when he found out you scored a new video game console he had to come over and check it out right away.

He walked in and kicked off his shoes before settling back on the couch with the game in hand. You’d always wondered what his feet were like and and you finally get a chance to see them! Wide and masculitn white strong toes outlined beneath the fabric of his socks. Fuck!

His slightly dirty white socks were a little damp with sweat and you could see outline of his footprints on the soles of his socks. Oh, what you’d give to get a little closer so you could smell those perfect feet! But this will have to do.

For now!

Original video here.

What’s your take on this gamer showing off his socks? You ever record your friend’s feet without them knowing? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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