Beautiful Guy Has Toes With Character

beautiful guy toes on the sidewalk

Beautiful guy shows off his smooth bare soles and long toes while sitting on the sidewalk. His feet are soft and delicious looking but his long boney toes steal the show! I bet he could type with those things! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Beautiful Toes On A Beautiful Guy

Handsome young guy grabs a seat on the sidewalk and kicks off his shoes so his long toes can catch some sun. His feet are pretty nice looking overall with smooth soles and clearly defined bright red footprints. But those toes! Those toes steal the show!

His toes are long and boney and it looks like he could probably type with those things! The shafts of his toes are pale while like his instep and each toe pad is the same color as his foot prints. But what really makes these toes stand out is that the 3rd toe is longer than the 2nd! Not in a deformed kind of way. But just enough to make his feet unique!

You gotta wonder why someone this cute would just take off his shoes and socks and sit on the street. On second thought… I don’t care why he did it.

I’m just glad he did!

Original video here.

What’s y oru take on this cute fellow showing off his long toes and smooth soles in public? You like the feeling of the sun on your feet? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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