Casper Ivarsson Feet – Tumble Down Dick (Boyfun)

casper ivarsson feet tumble down dick

Casper Ivarsson feet on display in Tumble Down Dick for Boyfun. Casper has the hottest feet in gay porn and his beautiful bare soles are on display for most of the fucking in this scene. Definitely worth checking out! Hit the jump for pics and video!

Casper Ivarsson Feet Up While Fucking

Casper Ivarsson feet are the hottest in gay porn. In my humble opinion, of course! Sure he’s got that slim sexy skater look with his whispy haircut. But I can’t stop looking at those beautfiul feet!

His feet look to be at least size 12 if not bigger. But I can’t get over how attractive his bare soles are! He’s got ruby red foot prints that extend all the way around his sole and frame a delicious pale instep! The shafts of his toes are pale white and are a perfect compliment to his red toe pads. Those soles just look delicious!

And then there’s his amazing uncut cock! Don’t even get me started on that!

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Bare Feet In Gay Porn

I love seeing a guy’s feet when he’s fucking! Don’t get me wrong – foot fetish scenes are great. But seeing a guy’s bare feet while he’s have sex turns me on just as much! Especially when the guy has no idea that’s the thing that does it!

I’m always looking for bare feet in gay porn and when I find them… I’l post them here!

What’s your take on Casper’s beautiful bare soles? Do you love the way they look as much as I do? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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