The Right Way To Suck Toes

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Dominant twink props his waxy bare soles up on his desk and tells you how to suck toes. He wiggles his short little toes as he describes how he expects you to behave when you’re at his feet. Yes please! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Twink Tells You How To Suck Toes

Hot little twink props his bare feet up on the desk and describes the right way to suck toes. He’s cute as fuck in his ironic Bass Pro Shops hat but his feet are clearly the star of the show. From the sound of things, this guy is used to people doing whatever he says:

Oh ya.
I know you like these toes.
Come on. I know you like ’em.
Show me how much you like ’em though.
I wanna see. I wanna feel how much you like my toes.
Ya… Come on.
Show me.
Teach me how much.
Let me see it.
Oh yup. Suck and lick in between each toe.
With your tongue. Just…
I wanna hear it.
I wanna hear all of it.

He’s definitely cocky but there’s a quite restrained quality to this video. It’s almost like he’s trying to be quiet so the people in the next room don’t hear what he’s saying. Nice to know that even dominant master types get embarrassed from time to time!

Especially the cute ones!

Original video here.

What’s your take on this dominant twink telling you how to suck his toes? Are you into his waxy soles and pudgy toes? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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