Ashton Kutcher Feet In Just Married

ashton kutcher feet in just married

Ashton Kutcher feet spotted in his 2003 movie, Just Married! Beautiful shots of his soles and toes when Ashton’s character Tom sneaks into Sarah’s bedroom for a late night rendezvous. It’s a horrible movie, but seeing Ashton’s feet saved it for me! Hit the jump to check out the vidcaps!

I’m Addicted To Ashton Kutcher Feet!

ashton kutcher feet just married 2003

Ashton Kutcher was in his prime for the 2003 movie Just Married. And it’s a terrible movie. But fortunately for us there’s plenty of shots of Ashton Kutcher feet to salvage the thing!

Ashton plays Tom who marries Sarah in spite of her wealthy family’s objections. Early in the movie Tom sneaks into Sarah’s room and we get some amazing shots of Ashton Kutcher’s soles!

He’s got lovely big feet with beautiful smooth soles and bright red footprints. He notoriously has partially webbed 2nd and 3rd toes which he used to talk about and even showed them during a couple interviews back in the day! Ashton looks as cute as can be during this movie so all bad acting is forgiven. Just keep giving me more shots of those studly feet, will ya?!

Definitely check this one out if you’re an Ashton fan!

Just Married on Wikipedia.

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