Chadwick Stokes Feet – In Bed With Interview

chadwick stokes feet

Chadwick Stokes feet on display during his “In Bed With” interview on YouTube. Chadwick (on our right) is joined by his brother Will and both of their beautiful bare soles are on display as Will runs through a series of questions. Cute guys with cute feet! Hit the jump for video and pics!

Chadwick Stokes And His Brother Will Show Off Their Feet

Musician Chadwick Stokes is joined by his brother Will for an “In Bed With” interview on YouTube. Both of them are showing off their beautiful bare soles throughout the video but Will’s lanky soles and long toes steal the show for me. I wouldn’t throw either of them out of bed though!

(See what I did there?)

It’s a little hard to make out who’s feet are whose in the video but that’s Chadwick’s sole on our right. To clarify, you can see him move his leg and foot towards the end of the video.

Original video can be seen here.

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More From Chadwick And Will

The Stokes brothers are also featured in another “In Bed With” video where they perform “I Want You Like A Seatbelt.” Catchy tune but I can’t stop looking at their feet!

It’s hard to say for sure but based on the shape of his feet and that pinky toe I’m pretty sure those are Will’s feet poking out of the covers. His beautiful orange foot prints and pale insteps really leave an impression!

Original video found here.

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What’s your take on Chadwick and Will barefoot in bed? Do you love getting off on guys feet when they least expect it? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the coversation going!

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