Chris Pratt Feet – Parks And Recreation S01E05

chris pratt feet toes parks and recreation s01e05

Chris Pratt feet on display in Parks and Recreation S01E05. Chris’ character Andy falls asleep on the couch with his beautiful soles and plump little toes on display while Leslie and Ann watch tv. Hit the jump to check out the pics!

Chris Pratt Feet And Cute Toes On Display

chris pratt feet and toes

Chris Pratt feet and toes on display in S01E05 of Parks and Recreation. Damn that dude has some cute little toes him!

Season 1 of Parks and Rec was a little awkward as none of the characters had found their ground yet. But that doesn’t stop Chris from looking damn adorable as his character Andy is suffering with two broken legs. Plenty of shots of him in his white socks but episode 5 gives us a nice shot of those soles and toes.

He’s sound asleep with his beautiful bare feet propped up on the couch at the end of episode 5 when Ann hands him a bowl of popcorn. There’s a great shot of his smooth soles and plump toes that only lasts about a second. But that’s enough for any foot lover to get off on his delicious dogs!

Parks and Recreation S01E05 on Netflix.

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