Drew Parker Feet – A GayFootBlog Original Video!

drew parker feet - gfb original

Humpy Canadian hockey player relaxes in his boxers after shooting his porno for YouLoveJack. Drew Parker is sexy as fuck and his feet are the hottest I’ve ever shot. Love those slightly dirty footprints! Hit the jump for pics and video!

Drew Parker’s Feet After The Porno

I used to shoot porn videos and I’d always get the guys to show off their bare feet at the end of every shoot. Everyone was super relaxed and nobody was hung up about showing their feet after they just jerked off on camera! And Drew Parker’s feet are some of the hottest that I ever shot.

He has a beefy hockey player body and strong masculine feet. They have to be at least size 12 with smooth bare soles and perfectly proportioned toes. His slightly dirty footprints and toe pads are clearly visible after walking around the studio barefoot during the shoot. And his pale insteps and are enough to make your mouth water.

I can tell you I was close enough to smell his feet and they had a tangy, cheesy scent to them. Not in a bad way! It’s the kind of smell that makes you want to nuzzle your nose in between his toes. Sniffing up every last bit of that funk! He seemed a little unsure when I asked him he was okay with a guy licking his feet. Otherwise I would have been all over those perfect soles in a heartbeat!

You can see more of Drew Parker’s feet on FootWoody where he did a full length foot fetish jack off scene. Totally worth checking out!

GFB Vidcap Gallery

Drew also did 2 more jack off scenes for YouLovejack where he fingers his ass and fucks himself with a dildo. Straight guys will do anything these days!!

What’s your take on Drew Parker’s feet? You love his hockey player build and strong masculine feet? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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