FootWoody Robbie Cole – Dirty Skater Socks And Bare Feet

footwoody robbie-cole-skater-socks-bare-feet

Robbie kicks off his purple suede sneakers and airs out his dirty skater socks before shoving his bare feet in the camera. He spreads his toes and stretches his soles before fingering his ass with his bare feet in the air! Hit the jump for video and pics!

Robbie Cole’s Dirty Skater Socks And Bare Feet

Robbie’s beautiful blue eyes are locked on the camera as he shows off his perfetc bare feet and dirty skater socks. He touches the lens with his perfect toes – feeding his manly feet to the camera with gentle determination!

There’s something so hot about skaters and they always have the most beautiful feet. Robbie’s white socks are drenched with sweat and you can see his dark footprints on the soles of his feet as he wiggles and stretches his toes inside the damp fabric. This straight skater isn’t afraid of a bunch of gay guys looking at his feet. And that’s a good thing!

There’s a devious look in his eyes as he teases the camera with his slow and tentative movements. Letting you know there’s plenty more to see. But only if you’re the lucky one!

Check Out Robbie’s Socks And Bare Feet On FootWoody!

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What’s your take on this gorgeous skater showing off his socks and feet? You into seeing straight guys show off like this? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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