German Foot Master Owns You

german foot master sole

Stunningly handsome German foot master whips off his sweaty socks and shows you his perfect bare soles. His feet are right in your face as he talks down to the camera and reminds you who’s in charge. It’s him! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Worship Your German Foot Master

He starts out with his sweaty white socks up on the table then slowly peels them off his smelly feet. Inch by inch to reveal his beautiful bare soles that are more than a little smelly. He even takes a sniff of his own feet and recoils from the stink!

His bright pink footprints look amazing against his pale insteps and his long perfect toes. And he gently caresses his own bare soles as he reminds you why he’s in charge:

You know there’s a reason you’re watching this fucking video right now.
It’s not random.
It’s fate, isn’t it?
Or it’s just your horny little weak mind.

I love it when a dominant master asserts himself with his feet without acting like they’re pissed off all the time. And this guy does it better than most. There’s a quiet cocky confidence to him that’s backed up by his beautiful bare feet. And his reminder that you’re there because you know you’re inferior makes it all the hotter!

He just sits back and tells you how he to clean his sweaty bare foot. Licking every inch of his sole while he releaxes and counts his money. You will show him how devoted you are to his godly foot. And when you’re done you can get to work on the other one!

Original video here.

What’s your take on this German foot master talking down to you? Would you lick the sweat off his bare soles? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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