German Foot Master Makes You Sniff His Socks And Soles

german foot master socks and soles

Super cute German foot master grabs a seat on the couch and tells you what he expects from his foot slaves. Even though I don’t speak German I’m pretty sure it has to with sniffing his socks and licking his feet. Well, okay then! Hit the jump to watch the video!

German Foot Master Socks And Soles

German foot master shows up wearing a track suit and sneakers and proceed to tell you what he expects. He kicks off his shoes and shows off his clean white socks then peels them off and shoves them right in the camera. A reminder that you will be sniffing his socks.

Once his socks are off he props his smooth bare soles on the fake marble table and kicks back. Now is the time for you to lick his beautiful twink feet and toes until he gets bored with you. He mocks the camera with his words and flips you off before ending this video.

I really don’t know what he’s saying but this guy has a few videos out there in English as well. He’s a dominant guy but he’s not an angry master that’s constantly yelling at his slaves. He’s totally into having guys worship his feet and enjoys the process every “step” of the way!

See what I did there?

Original video can be seen here.

What’s your take on this German dude taking control. Would you get on your knees and obey? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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