Hands Free Cum And Bare Soles

hands free cum bare soles

Masked twink shows off his beautiful bare soles with a metal butt plug in his ass. But what he’s not telling you is that he can hands free cum! He closes his eyes and lets blasts a thick load of jizz on the floor without even touching his dick! Hit the jump to watch the video

Masked Twink Hands Free Cum

Cute little masked twink strips naked and lays on the floor with his big beautiful bare feet on display. He slides a metal butt plug in his ass and closes his eyes as the pleasure takes control. Before you know it he’s shooting a thick load of hands free cum all over the floor. What!?!

This guy is super cute and his ability to cum without touching himself takes it to another level. I’m not sure if he’s just got an excellent imagination or if that little plug actually feels that good. But it’s a sight you won’t soon forget!

And can we talk about those feet? Big masculine feet with smooth soles and straight toes. Slightly dirty from walking around barefoot before starting the videa. I wonder how fast he’d cum if you were worshipping those feets?

I volunteer to try!

Original video can be seen here.

What’s your take on this masked twink shooting his load acapella? You love checking out guys feet while they get off? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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