Sockless Shoes And Sweaty Feet

sockless shoes strip sweaty feet

Legendary foot master peels off his sockless shoes and shows off his smelly bare feet. Walking around sockless has left his soles sweaty and his bright pink footprints are gorgeous as he props them up in front of him. Hit the jump to watch the video!

Dirtysocks009 Sockless Shoes Strip

I know, I know! His screen name is dirtysocks009 but he’s not wearing any socks!

This legendary foot master pries his sockless shoes off his damp sweaty feet and lets us have a nice long look at his bare soles. His bright red foot prints are clearly defined on the bottoms of his feet and that smug look tells you exactly what to do.

This guy is an amazing foot master. His videos have a calm confidence that lets you know you’re just expected to comply with his wishes. He doesn’t play the angry card and doesn’t talk down to you. He calmly asserts his desires knowing you’re ready to please him no matter what.

This is a tease video so you’re only getting the chance to look at his perfect bare feet. But that doesn’t stop it from being fucking hot! He checks the soles of both feet to see if there’s any dirty on them then kicks back and lets you enjoy the show. His beautiful soles wrinkle and flex as he teases the camera. He’s confident and relaxed. But always in control.

Just the way it’s supposed to be!

Original video can be seen here.

What’s your take on dirtysocks009’s sockless video? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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