Jessie Driftwood Feet – RIP OneWheel XR

jessie driftwood feet

YouTuber Jessie Driftwood feet are on display as he mourns the passing of his favorite electric board, the OneWheel XR. Jessie is barefoot in a lot of his videos but this one features his slightly dirty bare soles! Yass! Hit the jump for pics and video!

Jessie Driftwood Feet – Dirty Soles And Boarding

Jessie Driftwood is a Canadian YouTuber and filmmaker based in Hamilton Ontario. He spends a lot of time with his shoes off in his videos but this is the first time I’ve seen his soles so I had to post the video on GFB!

What can I say about Jessie Driftwood feet? Oh, let me count the ways!

He’s got tough, masculine feet with stocky little that remind me a little of Fred Flintstone. But when you see his slightly dirty footprint highlighted against his pale instep you’ll be hooked! Nice soles on this guy!!

The video show’s the tops and soles of Jessie’s bare feet along with a couple of sock shots and even some sandles. I normally go for more slender feet but there’s just something about this sexy little kitten that makes me want to gobble those toes, ya know?

Original video here.

GFB Vidcap Gallery

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What’s your take on Jessie Driftwood’s feet? Do you love checking out aging skaters slightly dirty soles when they take a spill? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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