Spencer’s Jock Feet And Black Socks

jock feet and black socks

Daring camera guy gets his buddy Spencer to show off his smelly black socks and bare jock feet. Spencer is busy working on his laptop but he plays along and flips the camera the bird as he wiggles his perfect little toes. Hit the jump to watch the video!

Bare Jock Feet And Smelly Black Socks

Daring camera guy gets his buddy Spencer to show off his black socks and perfect bare jock soles on camera. These two guys seem to know each other but there’s a still a little bit of tension in the air as the video guy gets Spencer to run through a series of poses. He starts off wearing black socks then strips them off to show his beautiful bare soles. He even includes his trademark flipping the bird pose!

The camera guy asks Spencer if it’s okay to touch his feet and Spencer thinks for a minute then replies, “That’s fine.” He seems pretty cool with showing off so it’s not clear if he knows how many people are going to be jerking off to his perfect bare feet and smelly socks. Either way, I’m glad he made the video!

Check out original video here.

What’s your take on Spencer’s feet and socks? Do you love seeing straight guys show of their feet? Post your ideas in teh comments below and keep the conversation going!

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