Julian G Feet In The Living Room

julian g feet

Julian G kicks off his stinky Nike shoes and black ankle socks then sticks his beautiful twink feet in your face. Great quality video so his wrinkled soles and perfect little toes are shown in all their glory! This one’s a keeper! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Julian G Teases You With His Feet

YouTuber Julian G strips off his stinky Nike shoes and blank ankle socks so everyone can see his perfect twink feet! He takes his time and enjoys the feeling as he slowly removes each sock and lets his wrinkled soles breath.

Once the socks are off he flexes and wiggles his toes before rolling over on his tummy so you can get another view of his beautiful feet. And his feet look amazing against the blue carpet in the living room. Above all, this video looks super cinematic as he rolls around on the living room floor and enjoys the feeling of people getting off on his soles and toes.

Nicely done!

Original video here!

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What’s your take on this twink showing off his feet? You love it when guys strip off their shoes and socks and tease you with their feet? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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