Kasey Stern Feet – Camera Conspiracies Host Bares His Soles

kasey stern feet - camera conspiracies

YouTuber Kasey Stern shows off his bare feet when he does a one handed pull up during a recent episode of Camera Conspiracies. His big wide feet are slightly flat and his soles look amazing as he demonstrates his physical prowess! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Kasey Stern Shows Off His Bare Feet On Camera Conspiracies

Camera Conspiracies is a comedy YouTube channel that documents one man’s search for the perfect camera. He still hasn’t found it but the host Kasey Stern finally shows his wide bare feet in a recent episode.

In this episode, Kasey is talking about his current camera and how he’s not a big fan of the colors it produces. He mentions that he’s been on a month long juice cleanse which turns into him bragging about how he can do a one-armed pull up. So of course he has to prove it. And fortunately for us – he’s barefoot when he does!

His feet are big and wide and a little bit flat so you know they get nice and smelly. And his tops are marked with tan lines from the straps of his sandals so this guy is definitely not foot shy! He pulls himself up with one arm and flashes his soles to the camera for a couple seconds before getting back to business and talking about cameras.

Or whatever it is he talks about!

Original video here.

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