Backyard Wrestling Feet – Jobber Gets Clobbered!

backyard wrestling feet soles

Backyard wrestling match goes down hill for the jobber when his opponent wraps his feet around the ring post and elbow smashes his knee. The whole thing is filmed in super slow motion so you can focus on the handsome loser’s soles! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Backyard Wrestling Feet In Super Slow Motion

Two guys convert an old trampoline into an backyard wrestling ring and wrestle in their bare feet. The jobber’s slim physique and blond curly hair might give him the “pretty boy” angle but he’s out to prove he’s more than looks!

The bad guy drags him to the edge of the wring and wraps his leg around the post before delivering an elbow smash that leaves the poor jobber reeling. Both guys are barefoot for the match but it’s the blonde twink that steals the show.

His feet look to be around size 10 and his slightly dirty footprints stand out sharply against his pale insteps so you know he has high arches. His toes are perfectly proportioned and waiting for a mouth to pamper them when the match is over.

Any takers?

Original video here!

What’s your take on these barefoot wrestlers? Do you love watching guys pretend to beat each other up? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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