Don’t You Dare Tickle My Feet

don't tickle my feet

YouTube comedy gang Edgemont presents a short film about their roommate who definitely doesn’t want them to tickle his feet. All three guys are super cute and there’s tons of shots of the tickler’s beautiful bare soles! Hit the jump for pics and video!

Whatever You Do, Don’t Tickle My Feet!

Edgemont is a YouTube comedy channel where three friends create nonsensical skits. They’re sometimes funny but always cute and they’re barefoot a heck of a lot of the time!

In this episode Zach and Matt are trying to play chess when Thomas walks in and props his bare soles on the table and says, “Don’t you dare tickle my feet!”

Of course they’re not interested in tickling his feet so they ignore him. And he has to go to great lengths to remind them that he definitely does not want them to tickle his feet. He sticks his feet inches from both of their faces, and grabs the chess pieces with this toes. And he keeps saying, “Don’t you dare tickle my feet!”

Thomas has lovely feet with smooth bare soles and perfectly proportioned toes. By the end of the video his feet are getting a little dirty and you can start to see the outlines of his footprints as he shoves his cute feet in the camera.

Finally the the chess roomates give in and ask if he’ll stop saying that if they just tickle his feet. He agrees and they give his soles a little tickle with their fingers.

The foot tickle guy screams like a girl and runs away.

And… Scene.

Original video here.

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