Master Brad Forces Slave To Worship His Feet

master brad worship

Master Brad proves he’s the boss when he forces his pathetic slave to worship his feet. This straight master doesn’t take any shit and the diabolical way he smiles as his slave obeys his orders is legendary! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Lucky Slave Gets To Worship Master Brad

Master Brad has strict rules for any slave that’s going to worship his perfect straight feet. You will obey his every command without hesitation. This means you’re going to sniff his feet and lick his heels clean before he crams his long toes down your throat. He wants to see you gag on his feet and you will comply.

This lucky slave gets to have some poppers as part of its session and you can see the delight spread across Master Brad’s face as he realizes his stupid slave is fucked up and swooning. He stuffs his toes back down the slave’s throat as a reward for complying.

This straight master has the most amazing attitude. There’s the slightest edge to his commands like he’s on the verge of flipping out. And the only way you can escape his wrath is by giving him your complete obedience.

Original video here.

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