Master Spit Feet On The Bed

master spit feet

Master Spit shows off his perfect feet while sitting on the bed. I don’t really know who this Master Spit is but based on his name I’m guessing he’s into domination. And spit maybe? Either way his bare soles and long toes look amazing! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Master Spit Feet For Your Viewing Pleasure

I have no idea who this Master Spit fellow is. I’m guessing he’s some kind of master. And maybe he’s into spit? Just a guess though!

But one look at Master Spit’s feet and you’ll probably do whatever he says. And this time that means getting on your knees and worshipping his perfect feet!

He strips off his sweaty black socks and sticks his smooth bare soles right up in your face. Wiggling his long toes next to your nose so you can get a whiff of his funky foot stank. Smiling to himself when he sees that smell hit your brain. He knows he’s got you now!

He stretches and scrunches his toes and shows off his wide flat nails before kicking back on the bed. His perfect feet stretched out in front of him is the only invitation you need. What’s taking you so long?

Original video here.

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