May I See Your Feet?

may i see your feet - the foot boy strikes again!

DaFootBoy talks another cute straight guy into showing his bare feet on cam! This country yokel can’t believe anyone would want to see his feet but he plays along and props his bare soles on the desk. Cute feet on this one! Hit the jump to watch the video!

DaFootBoy Asks, “May I See Your Feet?”

DaFootBoy made a name for himself by asking straight guys to show him their feet on cam. And most guys do it!

This country yokel is surprised at first and laughs while he asks, “Why you wanna see me feet?” But DaFootBoy persists and before you know it his bare soles are on display. Dude has lovely feet too!

The whole thing feels perverted like we’re looking at someone’s private stash of fetish porn. And the poor little straight guys don’t seem to get that a bunch of gay will be jerking off looking at their feet.

Mind you this guy suspects something is up:

There’s no socks on my feet.
Do you still want to see them?
You still want to see my feet?
You better fucking follow me.
Cuz this is like weird homo shit right here.

Indeed it is!

Original video here.

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