Wet Feet Vlogging In The Bathtub

wet feet in the tub

18 year old vlogger shows off his wet feet when he shoots an episode in the bathtub! He’s wearing swim trunks because he doesn’t want his penis on the internet but he still shows everyone his perfect bare feet. Which is even better! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Vlogger’s Wet Feet In The Tub

Unknown vlogger decides to shoot an episode in the bathtub. He talks about this and that but his wet feet are definitely the stars of the show!

He fills the tub with bubbles and hops in wearing his swim trunks because “I don’t want my penis on the internet… Yet.” Which is fine, becuase he stops and holds up his beautiful bare soles to show everyone what his feet look like. And they’re glorious!

His feet are big and meaty with bright red foot prints on his soles. He’s got high arches and pale insteps so there’s plenty for you to sink your teeth into! He flops around and shows his feet from a few different angles while he answers a few questions from his fans. The bubbles eventually disappear and he ends the show.

It should be a rule that all vloggers have shoot shoot bathtub episodes!

Original video here.

What’s your take on this twink’s bathtub feets? Do you love seeing guys covered in suds? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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