Your Best Friend’s Feet

your best friend's feet

You thought nobody knew about your foot fetish. Until you were trapped in a hotel room with your best friend’s feet. He catches you staring at his soles and decides it’s time you worship his perfect bare feet. Yes! Hit the jump to watch the video.

Trapped In A Hotel Room With Your Best Friend’s Feet

You’ve been fantasizing about his feet since you met in first year university. He was the jock who had all the confidence in the world. And you were the quiet nerd into computers. Who knew you’d hit it off?

Over the next 2 years you hung out a lot. Playing video games and talking shit about your teachers. But it never turned sexual. Until you shared that hotel room in Detroit.

The first thing he did was strip off his shoes and socks and lay back on the bed. You’d been fantasizing about his feet for years and they lived up to the hype. Big smooth soles with perfect bright red footprints. Long toes that glowed with a light covering of foot sweat. Holy crap. how were you going to control yourself?

He sees you looking and your relationship changes on the spot. But he doesn’t reject you. Instead he tells you to get busy and start worshipping his feet. You hesitate. Just for a second until he says, “What are you waiting for?”

That’s all the prompting you need to get on your knees and start licking his perfect bare soles. And it was worth the wait!

Original video here.

What’s your take on this striaght guy dominating his buddy? You love the cocky control he has over you? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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