Your Best Friend’s Feet On Your Desk

your best friend's feet

You find Alex sitting at your computer going through your stash of foot fetish videos. You start to panic but you can’t take your eyes off your best friend’s feet. So close you can smell them. He just smiles and says, “So…” Hit the jump to watch the video!

Your Best Friend’s Feet Are Perfect

You’ve been so careful to not let anyone find out you’re gay. Let alone that you’re into sniffing and licking guys feet and socks! You figured you’d just keep that one a secret.

Then Alex found your porn stash. You walked in to find him watching one of your favorite foot fetish videos. The one where the slave is given to a younger master who changes the rules and makes it worship his perfect feet while oinking like a pig. Hey, it sounds weird but it’s fucking hot!

And now Alex is watching it. But instead of laughing and mocking you he props his bare feet up on the desk and keeps on watching. Your best friend’s feet that you’ve been lusting over for the past 2 years are now inches from your face.

Panic starts to boil in your veins. But Alex just wiggles his toes a little and keeps watching the video. Looking up at you every once in a while to see what you’re doing. But you’re frozen to the spot. Unable to move a muscle. You dreamed of this moment but now that it’s here you’re afraid that acting on your desires will mean you’ll lose your friend.

The video ends and Alex smiles at you and says, “So…”

The next move is yours.

Original video here.

What’s your take on your best friend finding your stash of foot porn. Do any of your friends know you’re into feet? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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