Youtuber Danny Gevirtz Feet – Thinking About A New Camera

Danny Gevirtz one of the sexiest filmmaker / content creators on the YouTube and he’s got beautiful feet. Danny wants a new camera and shoots some shirtless and barefoot shots of himself at home to test his current rig. Hit the jump to check it out!

Danny Gevirtz Feet – YouTube’s Sexiest Filmmaker

Danny recently moved from Philadelphia to Maui to live in paradise while he develops his channel. This super chill filmmaker is drop-dead sexy and on the subject of Danny Gevirtz feet let’s just say I’m a little bit obsessed. His soles are beautiful!

Danny is wondering whether his existing camera is up to his standards as a filmmaker (he’s used to shooting on professional cinema gear like the Red or Alexa) so he sets up a few shots around his house. At one point he’s sitting shirtless and barefoot and tosses the ball for his dog, Sansa. His gorgeous bare soles and toes are clearly visible before he gets up and walks out to the front porch.

Danny’s channel is really about shooting films and making the world a better place. But we can only hope that his move to Hawaii means DANNY GEVIRTZ FEET show up in more of his videos!

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Original video can be seen here.

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