Barefoot Boyfriends Living Big In A Tiny House

barefoot boyfriends tiny house tour

Derek and Jeffrey live in their amazing tiny house near Vancouver Canada. These barefoot boyfriends give us a tour of their place then Jeffrey shows off his bare soles on the patio. Cute couple with cuter feet! Hit the jump for pics and video!

A Perfect Home For Barefoot Boyfriends

I have to admit that I’m more than a little bit obsessed with tiny houses. These microscale houses are built on wheels to skirt the size requirements of building codes and their low cost and off-grid status is a great alternative to being a mortgage slave.

I watch as many tiny house YouTube videos as I can and that’s how I discovered Derek and Jeffrey. Two real life boyfriends who built their own tiny house from scratch. The house is just about perfect in every way but I couldn’t get past Jeffrey’s wolf grey eyes. Dude is gorgeous! And when he showed his bare soles at the end of the video I was in heaven!

His feet look small and sturdy with beautiful ruby red footprints and pale insteps. He flexes and stretches his perfectly proportioned toes while he drinks a cup of tea on the patio with Derek. Both these guys have super cute feet!

I’m not sure that living in a tiny house is right for everyone. But those feet?

Those feet are right for me!

Original video here.

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What’s your take on these barefoot boyfriends showing off their tiny house? You ready to lick Jeffrey’s feet while Derek watches? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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