Lick A Dirty Foot For Cash

dirty foot lick

How much money would it take for you to lick your best friend’s dirty foot? Well if you’re this guy the answer is 20 bucks! He gives his buddy’s filthy sole a big wet lick from heel to toe then shows off the dirt on his tongue! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Dirty Foot Lick Dare Accepted

You were on a weekend camping trip with your best friends from college when you noticed Joey had the filthiest feet you had ever seen. And it was turning you on! You tried to look away but you couldn’t help checking out his dirty bare soles.

Of course he caught you looking and said, “Why do you keep looking at my feet, bro?”

You told the truth. “They’re so dirty. I had no idea anyone’s feet could get THAT dirty!”

By now everyone was listening to your conversation and Benny chimed in and said, “If you don’t like his dirty feet then you should clean them. WITH YOUR TONGUE!”

Laughter exploded from the group and everyone was laughing at you. As turned on as you were you couldn’t just do it so you said, “Sure, if you pay me.”

“How much you want?” Said Joey.

“What do you got?” You replied.

Joey dug in his pocket and pulled out a 20 with a sparkle in his eye. “Will this work?”

“Fucking right it will!” You said as you reached out and grabbed his dirty foot in your hand.

This was going to be fun!

Original video here.

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