Barefoot Tease And Jack Off

barefoot tease and jack off

Good looking cam guy treats everyone to a barefoot tease before jacking off and cumming on his own feet. His leathery soles and strong toes look amazing covered in jizz but I can’t stop thinking that this guy reminds me of someone… Hit the jump to watch the video!

Ben Affleck Look-Alike Barefoot Tease

Is it just me? Or does this guy kind of alook a bit like Ben Affleck? Maybe? Just a little bit? Well it’s my fantasy and I’m going with it!

This guy grabs a seat on the couch and holds up his leather bare soles for the camera’s unblinking eye. He spreads his toes wide and scrunches his toes to give you every possible angle of his beautiful feet.

Once he’s satisfied you’ve seen enough he grabs his uncut dick and jerks a thick load of cum all over his own feet. His dogs are drenched with jizz by the time he’s done. And he’s going to need someone to clean up that mess.

So get on your knees and start licking!

Original video here.

What’s your take on this guy showing off his leathery soles? You think he looks like Ben Affleck? Or am I just crazy? Post your ideas in the comments below and keep the conversation going!

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