Jacob Tober Feet – Why Aren’t Shoes Shaped Like Feet?

jacob tober feet - toega guy

YouTuber Jacob Tober feet on display when he talks about how shoes affect your foot fitness. The Toeguy guy is back and once again he’s showing off his beautiful bare feet and soles. Amazing! Hit the jump to watch the video!

Jacob Tober Feet – Return Of The Toega Guy

We first met Jacob Tober when he was talking about his Toega foot fitness program. Well he’s back and this time he’s showing his own bare feet when he talks about the how your shoes affect your foot fitness.

Jacob is a big fan of barefoot shoes with zero rise and a large toebox that let your toes spread out. He illustrates the concept by holding his perfect bare sole up to the camera while he shows how much he can spread his own toes. He’s not perfect but I wasn’t really interested in anything other than checking out his feet anyway!

He’s got nice big feet with beautiful red footprints and straight toes. He spends a lot of time walking around barefoot so you better be ready to clean those feet. With your tongue!!

Original video here.

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